Monday, January 31, 2011

Jennifer's New Sink

Jennifer had an old porcelain kitchen sink that had rusted quite a bit along the edges so on Saturday Jim helped her put in a new Acrylic sink. The job took a bit longer than they thought it would but it turned out nice.

Perfect Report Card

Last Friday the boys got their mid-term report cards and Josh had all A's. Jim had always told the boys that if they were to get all A's he would double the per A payout which is $5.00 each in the grade school so Josh walked away with $50.00. This is a great incentive to study hard because the per A payout goes up significantly when they get to middle school and then again when they enter high school. Great job Josh!!

Josh's First Band Concert

Last Tuesday Josh had his first concert since he started learning to play the trumpet. Jim said the band did very well for only having played together for a few months. Josh has decided he likes the trumpet and he's going to continue with it. Hopefully Jim and I will be able to see him in a concert one of these days.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Visit To Ohio After Christmas

 On Sunday, December 26th, Jim, Jennifer and I went to Ohio to spend a few days with Jim, Cathy and the boys. We did a gift exchange , played lots of board games, learned how to play "Texas Holdem" and had some delicious meals. The weather was good on the drive there and on the retuen home. We came back on Wednesday , had supper at Zebb's ( thank you Jennifer) and then drove through "Lights On The Lake" before returning to Pulaski.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas Day In Pulaski

 The kids were all here by 8am and we headed into the living room to begin opening our gifts. The biggest surprise for Jim and I was a 42" LCD Flat Screen TV that Jack, Jennifer, Jeremy and Jon had gotten for us. We never expected anything like that. Around 1pm we all headed to Watertown to spend some time with my family at my Mom's house. We were all saddened to be spending our first Christmas without Dad. We arrived back home about 6pm and started packing up the car for our trip to Ohio tomorrow. Jennifer is the only one going with us this year as the boys either had to work or had made other plans.

Christmas Day In Pulaski

Everyone arrived by 8am and we gathered in the living room to begin opening our gifts. The biggest surprise was Jim and I received a 42" LCD Flat Screen TV from Jack, Jennifer, Jeremy and Jonathan. After opening the gifts the boys set up the new TV and then watched a movie for awhile. We went to Watertown around 1pm to spend some time with the rest of the family at Mom's house. This was our first Christms without Dad and it was a little sad. We arrived back home about 6 pm and started getting things packed up for the trip to Ohio tomorrow.

Christmas Day In Ohio

Here are some pictures of Christmas morning in Ohio. I think everyone had a good day.

Christmas Eve In Pulaski

We had our usual snack and game fest this year and we even had a visit from Santa ( Jim's brother, John). Jim's siser, Colleen and her friend, Walt also stopped in for a visit. We played a new game tonight that Jeremy brought called " Bezzer Wizzer" and it was a lot of fun.

Christmas Cookies

 As is our tradition the week before Christmas I made a batch of sugar cookies and then, when the kids came for dinner, we put them to work frosting them. As you can see they can get creative but not too artistic. They have a lot of fun and that's what counts.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Eve In Ohio

On Christmas Eve Jim, Cathy and the boys attended church services at which time Josh did a solo on his trumpet for the congregation. After the service they returned home and put their gifts under the tree, set out the stockings and began the long wait for morning to arrive.

Tree Decorating In Ohio


The week before Christmas Jim and Cathy and the boys went to the Christmas Tree farm and cut their own tree. They thought they were getting a small one but once it thawed out it was huge. After some struggling to get it in the house and then having to buy a new tree stand because the one they had was too small the tree was finally up and decorated-and it's a beauty.