Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Jim and Josh Visit New York

 Last week Jim and Josh cae to spend a week with us. They arrived on Monday and returned home last Sunday. On Tuesday we went shopping in Syracuse for garden plants ( my Mother's day gift and Birthday gift from Jim and Cathy) and Jim bought three Holly Berry bushes to put out front. That evening we went to Watertown to have dinner with my Mom. Wednesday rained all day so we just lazed around the house. On Thursday Jim and Jim pulled out the old Mock Orange bushes from the front of the house and then spent the whold day planting new bushes, perenials in my garden and cleaning up all the landscaping and putting down new mulch.Thursday night Jim went to Brewerton to have dinner with a high school friend while Josh stayed here and kept us company. On Friday Jennifer came and brought Addy with her to spend the day and stay over-night. They all did some shooting and Jim had some fun with his Drone he got for his Birthday. Addy played out on the playyard and took a long afternoon nap. On Saturday all the kids came for lunch and we celebrated Josh's 14th Birthday that is coming up soon. I think they had a good week- and the weather was pretty good.