Monday, January 7, 2013

Adrienne Rose is Baptised

Today Adrienne was Baptised. We all met at the church and she was such a good girl. She was very interested in everything going on and was her usual happy self. After the ceremony we all went to Jeremy and Emily's for Pizza and wings, salad and a delicious cake made by Emily.

Friday-December 28th

Today Jennifer treated everyone to a day at "Wonderworks" located in the new addition of Destiny USA. Chris wasn't feeling well so he stayed home with me. Emily had to work but Jeremy was off so he and Addy met up with the others at the mall. They had a great time and all agreed they would like to go again sometime.

Thursday-December 27th

We got quite a bit of snow overnight so Jim had to clean out the driveway. Tonight we had a "girls night out" and Jennifer, Cathy and I picked up Emily and we went to see "Les Mis". We had a chance to check up on Addy when we picked Emily up. She was enjoying her new "Jolly Jumper". She's so cute!!

December 26th

Jim and Cathy arrived mid-afternoon today and they opened their gifts once the other kids arrived. After the gifts we brought out all the left-over finger foods from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day  and had another feast.

Christmas Day

Christmas morning everyone ( except Jim , Cathy and the boys) was here and we had a great time opening our gifts. Addy got a rocking horse that she just loved but she doesn't realize she needs to hang on. Around 1pm we headed up north to Mom's where we joined the rest of the family for a delicious Christmas dinner. Mom's little house was packed to the rafters but we all had a good time.

Christmas Eve

We had our usual Christmas Eve get-together with finger foods and games. Jeremy, Emily, Addy, Jennifer, Jack and Jonathan were here. Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus stopped in to pay a visit ( Jim's brother , John and sister, Colleen). Addy wasn't afraid of the jolly old guy at all. She did pull his beard to make it was the
                                    real thing.