Saturday, May 26, 2012

Trip to Syracuse and Oswego-May 24th

After leaving the Troop D service in Oneida we stopped in Syracuse to do some errands and for a quick stop at Jeremy and Emily's to see Addy ( and her parents-of course) and then we headed to Oswego to plant some flowers on Nana and Papa's grave. We also put some on Uncle Paul and Aunt Marion's grave since, due to illness,  Pat was not able to do it this year.

Troop D Memorial Service-May 24th

 Today we went to Oneida for the annual Troop D Memorial Day Service. Janie, MaryEllen and Dave joined us and we had a nice visit with them and enjoyed a delicious lunch provided by the troopers after the ceremony.

Mother's Day Celebration-May 20th

Since we were gone on Mother's day we had a celebration a week late. We had a nice day and the aunts and Great-Grandma got to meet Addy for the first time.

Trip To Branson, Missouri-May 3rd -May 14th

Jim and I and Helen and Bob took a trip to Branson , Missouri. We drove so it was 3 days to get there and another 3 days to get back home. The first night down and the last night back we stayed with Jim and Cathy in Ohio. We had a great week with perfect weather and we saw lots of shows. It was a really great trip.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Jeremy's Birthday

Today , May 1st, is Jeremy's 36th birthday . We celebrated the occasion on Sunday since then, all the kids could be there. We had Pizza and I made a Cheesecake for dessert.Of course, Addy was the center of attention.

Carleen Wheeler's Memorial Service

On Saturday, April 28th Jim and I went to Oneida, NY for Carleen Wheeler's Memorial Service. All four of her children were able to get home and we were able to catch up with them as well as with Jim's sister, Janie. Carleen was married to Jim's brother, Billy. Of course, since we had to go through Syracuse to get back to Pulaski, we stopped in to see "Addy" ( and her parents). She is the cutest baby.

SED Celebrated 10th Anniversary

On Saturday, April 21st. Jim and I went to Ontario, NY for the 10th Anniversary of SED. This is the company who installed our wind turbine. It was a cold and rainy night but there was still a huge crowd. The had put up a tent so everyone was able to stay dry. SED has grown considerably from the  5 original owners to a total of 19 employees as of this get together. Business is very good and they look forward to many more years of installing wind turbines as a sustainable energy source.

Adrienne Rose Arrives

On Sunday, April 22nd , Jeremy and Emily welcomed their new baby daughter into the world. She arrived at 5:04pm, weighing 8lbs.8oz., 20.5 inches long and with a full head of hair. They have named her Adrienne Rose Wheeler but will call her "Addy". Both mother and baby are doing well.