Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Traveling the Erie Canal

Yesterday , July 23rd, Jim and I took a boat tour of the Erie Canal System with Mid-Lakes Navigation Company. We boarded the boat in Baldwinsville at 9am and arrived at Seneca Falls about 4:30pm. We had a perfect day with "just right" temperatures and sunny skies. We saw a ton of Blue Herons as well as a few Bald Eagles and some Osprey. The boat company provided breakfast and lunch as well as an afternoon snack and a variety of beverages throughout the day. Normally they would bus you back to Baldwinsville but since there were only 8 of us they sent us back in style-in
a limo. We also passed through two regular locks and one double lock. It was a fun and very relaxing day.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Jennifer's First Intermediate Triathalon-Delta Lake-July 21st

Today Jim and I surprised Jennifer when we went to Rome to watch her do her very first Intermediate Triathalon. She had to swim, bike and run a total of + 30 miles-quite a feat if you ask me. We are very proud of her and what she has accomplished.

Babysitting Addy-July 17th

On Wednesday Jim and I went to Liverpool and babysat Addy while Jeremy and Emily attended a Dairylea function. We had a fun time playing with her kitchen and reading stories. She had an ear infection and was a little unhappy but for the most part we had a good time.

July 13th and 14th -Addy visits and Celebrating Jack's Birthday

This weekend Jim and I kept Addy over-night again on Saturday and had a ball with her as usual. She even took a few steps by herself while she was here. On Sunday everyone ( except the Ohio crew)
came for dinner and we celebrated Jack's Birthday a bit early ( actual date is July 23rd) since we won't be together again until Auguat. Jack had requested Spaghetti and Yellow Cake with Chocolate icing. We added some Garlic Bread and  salad to round out the meal.The hat that Addy is modeling was mine when I was a baby.