Monday, August 26, 2013

Josh Comes To Visit-August18th to August 24th

On Sunday, August 18th Jim and I drove to Lancaster, near Buffalo, to meet Jim at Como Lake Park to pick up Josh. Chris and Cathy came also and we had a picnic lunch at the park before loadig up Josh and all his gear to come and stay for the week. On Monday Josh used the riding lawn mower for awhile to mow the lawn while Jim did the trim. Once he had his fill I went out and finished . On Tuesday we went to Clayton, NY for a bost trip around the 1000 Islands that ended at the Rock Island Lighthouse. This was a glass bottom boat and at different times they stopped so we could see points of interest. One stop was over a ship wreck that happened in 18632. After the cruise and tour of the Lighthouse we drove to Fisher's Landing for dinner at Roxy's. Wednesday was a lazy day with some target practice in the afternoon. Jennifer and Reese ( the Guinea Pig) arrived about 6pm to stay over for a few days. On Thursday it was "State Fair" day and they were gone from 9am until after 8pm and had a great time. Jim worked at the fire ststion until 3pm and then headed to NY arriving about 10pm. Friday Jeremy and Addy came about noon ( she stayed overnight while Jeremy and Emily went to dinner to celebrate their Anniversary) and the guys and Jennifer did some target shooting. On Saturday I invited the family to come for lunch and had about 16 total. On Sunday Jim and Josh headed home where school will begin on Tuesday.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Jennifer Does Another Triatalon

Finished the Caz tri. Toughest sprint I have ever done but did better than I thought I would.
1/2 mile swim - 19:56 (fastest swim ever!)
T1 - 2:29
12.4 miles bike - 57:61 (this was a really tough bike course, lots of hills. The few times ...I rode it I never did it in less than 1:03 so finishing in 57:61 today was really good)
T2 - 2:10
5K run - 39:03
Overall - 2:01:29

Very happy with these results. Now I have awhile before my last tri of the season (Cortland on 9/21).

feeling accomplished.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Gary's " Stone Barn" Presentation

On Thursday, August 8th, Jim and I went to Cleveland, NY to hear a presentation on " The Stone Barn" by Gary Comins. It was extremely warm and humid but everyone packed into the little church and heard a wonderful story on the history of "The Stone Barn" from it's beginning to present day. After the event the Cleveland Historical Society provided dessert and coffee. Jim and I were able to enjoy a visit with Shannon and Gary after the presentation. It was a fun night.

Jim Becomes the Assistant Fire Chief

On Tuesday, August 6th, Jim was sworn in as the Assistant Fire Chief of Independance, Ohio. Jim and I were able to go down for the ceremony returning home on Wednesday. We were so happy that we were able to go and we are extremely proud of Jim. He has worked very hard to attain this goal.

Family Reunion

On Sunday , August 4th, the Fargo Family Reunion was held at Mom's house in Watertown. The day was sunny and cool-perfect weather for a gathering of 60+ people. Jennifer picked Addy up and then came here and got Jim and I and we all went to Mom's. We thought it would give Jeremy and Emily a little break and some time to get all the camping stuff put away and the laundry caught up before they had to go back to work on Monday. Addy had a great time playing with the other kids and later in the afternoon Jim and Jennifer took her for a walk which put her to sleep for a little well earned nap. We got back home about 6pm and Jennifer then took her home. It was a good day.

Addy Goes Camping

Jeremy and Emily went camping for two weeks at Letchworth State Park with her parents, sister and family and brother and his wife. After about a week or so Addy needed a little break from the great outdoors so Jeremy and Emily came home for a day or so and then went back. I think all in all Addy had a fun time.