Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Yard Work and Target Shooting

On Friday Jim and Cathy cleaned out all my flower beds and weeded and mulched all around the house. That was a big job. Jim and Josh did some target practice . Josh is in 4H and is working on the 4H's  equivelent of a Boy Scout Badge in shooting. Jim has a climbing harness so the boys can climb the wind turbine tower safely so they had some fun seeing how high they could go. Chris did quite well seeing as he's not fond of heights.

Strawberry Jam and Vermont

On Wednesday Jim and Jennifer went over to Mexico and picked eight quarts of Strawberries. Jim made them into jam and we got 27 half-pints. This afternoon we played Dominoes since itwas so hot outside. Jim and Cathy decided to take the ferry over to Vermont and spent the day checking out the Wildflower farms, Ben and Jerry's and Cabot Cheese. We all had a great day doing things we enjoyed.

Montario Point

Today Jim, Josh and Jennifer took the canoe to Montario Point to do some swimming. Chris didn't want to go so he and I hung around the house for the day.He has been using the Pogo Stick a lot and has become quite proficient on it. Jim and Cathy have gone to Keene for a few days of Motorcycling around the area ( they towed the cycle instead of riding all that way).

Plant Shopping and planting

On Monday, June 18th, Jim, Cathy and I went to Syracuse to get some new plants for my flower garden. This was my combination Mother's day and Birthday gift from them. After choosing a number of new varieties we had some lunch at Denny's and then headed home to start planting.

Father's Day

 On Sunday, June 17th, all the kids were here and we celebrated Father's day with Jim, Jeremy and Jim. After dinner they went out to do some target shooting ( their favorite thing to do ) while Cathy and I stayed inside and played with Addy ( our favorite thing to do). It was a great day.

Stephanie's Graduation

On Saturday Stephanie Weston ( my niece) graduated from Immaculate Heart Central High School and had her graduation party at the Glen Park Fire Hall. Jim and I and Cathy and Josh ( they drove up from Ohio on Friday) met up with Jim and Chris at the party. After some delicious food and great conversation we headed back to Pulaski. Jim and Chris both said it seemed good to be off the bike after four days of riding.

Motorcycle Trip-June 13th/16th

On Wednesday Jim and Chris started out on a motorcycle trip from Ohio into Canada and to the 1000 Islands. They had a great time seeing some of the country and they met up with Jim and I and Cathy and Josh ( they drove to Pulaski from Ohio on Friday) at my nieces' High School graduation party in Glen Park ( near Watertown).

Marines in Ohio

Recently Jim and Cathy and Josh went to downtown Cleveland to see the Marine exhibit. Josh really enjoyed this and showed off his expertese on the shooting range. I think he amazed the Marine running that particular venue.

Celebrating Birthdays

On June 10th Jonathan and I celebrated our combined Birthdays ( his-May 30th-mine-June 7th). We had a nice summer picnic dinner of Hamburgers, fried potatoes , a layered salad, carrots and a beautiful cake that Jennifer got from Cold Stone Creamery.  Jon got this great shirt among other gifts.