Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Saturday Get Together

Last Saturday we all went to Jeremy and Emily's for lunch and to check out their decorations. After lunch we went to Jennifer's to see her decorations. Jim and I also gave Addy a rocking chair that was mine. I received it for Christmas around 1946. She really seemed to like it and when Jeremy rocked it with his foot she ran across the room, pushed his foot away and said "No No Da Da".

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


This year Jim and I hosted Thanksgiving for 27. We had a full house, great food and lots of good conversation. Jim and Cahy and the boys were able to be here too which made the day just about perfect. On Friday the kids helped me put away the Fall decorations and bring out the Christmas stuff. What a great help they all were. Addy stayed over night on Thursday so Jeremy and Emily could go Black Friday shopping. She had a great time playing with Chris and Josh and they were so good with her.

Thanksgiving 2013

Jim and I hosted Thanksgiving this year for 27