Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend With Addy

Addy came to stay overnight on Sunday while her parents attended a wedding. She is always such a delight to have around. Her little face has a constant smile on it. She had a good time swinging  outside in the baby swing, playing in a big box that Jim has for her and she especially liked playing with a doll we got her at a yard sale that makes random "baby" sounds.She would hug the doll and pat it on the back or head. Sometimes she imitated the sounds the doll was making.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Planting Flowers At The Cemetary

Wednesday Jim and I went over to Oswego to plant some flowers at Nana and Papa's grave. Next time we go over I'm going to bring a shovel and move the Lillies to the side of the headstone. It started to rain just as we finished planting so the flowers got a good watering.

Troop D Memorial Service

On Tuesday we went to Oneida to the Troop D Hearquarters to attend the annual Memorial Service. Janie, MaryEllen and Dave were there too and we had a nice visit. Before the ceremony they gave tours of the new Forensics Center. After the lunch, provided by the troopers, we went to Syracuse to get the flowers and plants for the gardens. It was a very warm day-88 degrees in Oneida.

Weekend In Ohio

This past weekend Jim and I went to Ohio to spend some time with Jim, Cathy and the boys. While there we got to see Josh play baseball, go to yard sales, do some shooting and Geocaching and play Poker. We had a great time and want to thank Jim and Cathy for the relaxing weekend.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day At The Zoo-Saturday May 18th

 Jennifer took Addy for the day while Jeremy and Emily had their yard sale. They went to the Zoo but Addy didn't seem to happy there. The rest of the day included playing and a nap.

Babysitting Addy-May 16th

Jim and I were delighted that we got to babysit for Addy on Thursday night while Jeremy and Emily attended a work related event. She had fun playing with her kitchen and in her ball tent and did some rocking on her rocking horse and riding on her motorcycle. She is just such a happy baby and a joy to spend time with. We brought some Chocolate Chip Cookies and she thought they were quite good.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Addy Comes To Play

This past Friday Addy spent the night with us while Jeremy and Emily went to a party. She was such a good girl-she played happily with her toys and slept all night. On Saturday all the kids came to celebrate Mother's day. Jim had a big box that she had a lot of fun with. She liked to crawl inside.
I think by the end of the day her cheeks must be tired from all the smiling she does.