Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sunday Dinner-Sept. 27, 2015

Today Jeremy, Emily and the girls, Jon and Jennifer came for Sunday dinner. Jack is in Calgary for another week or so for his job so he and Kelly weren't here.

  Jim and Addy did some Science using milk, food coloring and dish soap. Cora is teething and was having a bad day but still managed to smile a lot.

 At dinner Addy "shared" a taste of her chocolate pie with Cora who thought that was pretty good.

When they were getting ready to go home Addy started to cry. I have mixed feelings about this as I'm glad she wants to stay but I don't like to see her sad. Maybe in a few weeks we can do another over-night with both girls.



Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Day At The Zoo

Last Tuesday Jennifer took the day off from work so Jim could help her with a few projects at her house. When they got done they went and picked up the girls and went to the Zoo for the afternoon. They had a fun day and the kids loved seeing all the animals.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Jennifer Complete's A 70.3 Race

On Sunday Jennifer participated in a 70.3 race at Sackets Harbor, just South of Watertown. Her feelings on the race:

Finally got to finish a 70.3 race this year after the abrupt stop of the Syracuse 70.3 race in June. Did the Sackets Harbor 70.3 on Sunday. Pretty rough conditions in the swim, bike and run. Tough swim due to the waves, tough bike in the rain and very windy conditions and a run through the rain and ankle deep puddles in places. Was very wet by the end but happy to finally accomplish what I had set out to do this year.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Celebrating Jim's Birthday

Jim's birthday was Friday so on Saturday we had dinner here for al the kids. Jennifer picked up Addy and Cora around noon and brought them here so we could have extra time with them. They are always so much fun to have visit and Jim enjoyed every minute. He and Addy licked the frosting bowl, blew some bubbles and played on the playground. Cora was her usual sweet self and amazes us with how she is trying to walk at only 10 months old. She seems to really love playing with the dolls. It was a fun afternoon.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


It's been awhile but I'm going to try to catch up and then post more often. We had a busy summer starting with Chris' High School graduation, his graduation from Fire School, Jim and Josh's July visit, Jeremy and Emily's camping week at Letchworth, Jennifer's numerous Marathons and Tri's, Jim and Cathy and Boys August visit and finishing up with Jim and Jennifer's day at he NY State Fair last week. I will add as many photos as I can.