Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas 2015

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. We started out with Jon and Jennifer joining us on Christmas eve for a light supper and a game of dominoes. Jennifer spent the night here. On Christmas day the kids ( except for Jim and Cathy and the boys) arrived around 11:30 and we opened the gifts followed by a Lasagna dinner.

 On Friday Jim and I headed to Ohio with a stop in Sodus to see Mom. We got to Hiram about 7pm  and, after a delicious chicken dinner, we opened gifts again. On Saturday Jim and Cathy had invited Mark and shelly Stone and their boys over and we had a fantastic pulled Pork dinner On Sunday Jim , Papa and Josh went to the movies. Cathy had to go into her office for awhile and I enjoyed watching some ION TV and doing some knitting. We headed home on Monday and were back in Pulaski by 4pm. We picked up the mail and some subs for supper and came home, unpacked the car, and spent a relaxing evening watching TV.

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